Refractive errors

  • Refractive error is the primary reason why people wear spectacles, contact lenses, or undergo refractive surgery. 
  • If the eye is too long to focus light properly, myopia is present and images are blurred at a distance. If the eye is too short, hyperopia/hypermetropia is present and images are blurred at near. At higher levels of hyperopia, images are also blurred at a distance. Astigmatism refers to a condition where light enters the eye and does not have a single point of focus. Astigmatism occurs due to a football-shaped cornea or lens. 
  • Presbyopia is a condition that occurs along with aging that leads to difficulty when attempting to focus on near targets. This is corrected with multifocal lenses. 

Myopia is corrected by minus powered lenses

Hyperopia is corrected by plus powered lenses

Astigmatism is corrected by lenses that realign distorted images

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