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We kindly request that patients arrive 10-15 minutes before scheduled appointments. Please bring a list of current medications along with any current eyewear e.g., glasses, contact lenses, and sunwear. 

Contact lens fitting policy

  1.  Contact lenses are medical devices that are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Idaho law requires that patients receive a contact lens fitting by a licensed eye doctor. A contact lens evaluation is required every 12 months and involves a separate fee from the comprehensive eye examination fee. 
  2. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for 1 year or at the doctor’s discretion. Contact lenses will be sold only to those patients whose prescription remains valid and have not surpassed the expiration date. At the end of the year, a new exam and fitting will be required to renew your prescription. 
  3. Your fitting fee includes follow up visits for up to 90 days after the initial fitting, diagnostic lenses used in the fitting process, and solutions/cases if applicable. If the doctor determines the issue you are having is not contact lens related, it will not fall under this policy and you will be billed accordingly.  
  4. If it has been more than 90 days since your last refraction (measurement of spectacle prescription), the doctor reserves the right to re-assess a refraction fee in order to obtain the most accurate measurements.