Other items

Bruder Moist hydration mask

This dry eye treatment is helpful in cases of evaporative dry eye and provides a long duration of moist heat when applied directly to the eyelids. 

Lens care products

We have a variety of microfiber lens cloths and cleaning solutions to maintain your spectacle lenses in their best shape. 

Nerd Wax

All natural, cosmetic grade glasses wax to help keep your glasses from slipping out of place

Over the counter readers

Do you just need a boost for up close tasks? We have various strengths of reading glasses to fit your needs. 

Fit over UV protection

Fitover sunglasses designed to be worn over your prescription glasses. Ideal for 360 degree protection from glare and hazardous UV radiation. 

Croakies/Eyeglass holders

Croakies are eyewear retainers that keeps your glasses in place and safe during rigorous activities. We also have stylish chains to hold your glasses while not being worn.