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Whether you're looking for the perfect eyeglasses or you need to have a contact lens evaluation, we are here to help! We also go beyond eye exams by providing extensive diagnostic procedures for eye conditions and management of ocular emergencies. We also co-manage ocular surgeries with area specialists.   


Dr. Klemp's passion is to provide care to patients who have eye discomfort and  fluctuating vision due to various eye surface issues such as dryness, inflammation of the lids, oil tear gland dysfunction, and allergies. Klemp Optometry is equipped with the latest high tech instruments for evaluating common eye surface conditions that can adversely affect quality of life in many people.  Precise measurements with these instruments allow Dr. Klemp to determine the exact causes of blurred vision and eye discomfort and to prescribe a comprehensive personalized treatment plan. 


Patients in the Lewis-Clark Valley and beyond come to Klemp Optometry because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional care that is our mission and commitment. We treat our patients as we would like to be treated, show compassion and treat every individual with a positive attitude, as well as educate ourselves and our patients on the latest advancements in eyecare. At Klemp Optometry, we will explain every test and procedure and answer all of our patients’  questions.

Our Values


Our patients’ health and safety and the protection of their vision is our number one priority.


We believe that our patients’ need to see comes before everything else.


Every decision is made in the interest of providing top quality and ethical vision care for our patients.


We desire a long-term relationship with our patients and aim to provide an exceptional experience at every visit.

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